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Recordings & Sounds

Distillery's first recording has been taken on this old Tascam MSR-24

Here you are a short summary of our recordings and some sound clips you can hear in Real Audio format. For every sound clip you'll be able to find a description of what that song has meant for us...


NOVEMBER : Release of the single "Your memories begin here / Feelin' alive", as Fede's demo.


APRIL : Release of "BACK IN A WHILE", as Fede's demo, including "Back in a while", "Feelin' alive", "Ain't never been there", "Cool wind maybe blows in hell too", "Ev'rytime I dream" and "Your memories begin here".

NOVEMBER : Release of the single "Hit the city / Growin' the fear", as Fede's demo.


MARCH : Release of "BACK IN A WHILE AND OTHER SONGS", first Distillery's demo, including "Cool wind maybe blows in hell too", "Now you know", "Daylight song", "Back in a while", "Hit the city", "Walkin' in the sun", "Ain't never been there" and "Flashes on the water".


JANUARY : Release of the single "Care of you / If you look up in the sky".


OCTOBER : Release of the single "Too soon / God's sultry summer".


DECEMBER : Release of the album "Family Tree" to celebrate the return of the band as a trio. The album contains "Too soon", "Walkin' in the sun", "Flashes on the water", "God's sultry summer", "If you look up in the sky", "Ain't never been there", "Care of you", "Hit the city", "Growin' the fear", "Back in a while", "Cool wind" and "Daylight song". It was given, personally, to Mr. Gerry Beckley and Mr. Dewey Bunnell after their concert in Genoa on March 16th, 2004.

In the following notes you'll find some names that you'never read in the "History" page, we're building a "Who's who" page that will be ready as soon as possible....

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BACK IN A WHILE : I wrote it down in the spring of 1991. I had lost three old friends in less than one month and I was still shocked. It seemed impossible it could had happened in such a short time, words sound almost like a prayer....Don't go away....I'll be back in a while....At the end of the song I realize I'm still here....
- FEDE : all guitars, lead vocals.
- MARIO : piano and keyboards.
- ROBY B. : bass
- TAMTAM : drums.
- RAFFY : background vocals.

CARE OF YOU : I always worry a lot when I hear sentences like "....don't worry, I'm taking care of it....". Luca started to play a little chord pattern while drinking beer in my kitchen, I tried to imagine it backed by a harp riff. It took Luca more than three hours to put that riff on the tape....Its 19/8 intro is the curest thing I've ever done with an axe in my hands....
- FEDE : acoustic 6 strings, electric rhythm and lead guitars, bass, drum programming, lead vocals.
- LUCA : acoustic 12 strings guitar, harp, background vocals.

- MARIO : piano.

COOL WIND MAYBE BLOWS IN HELL TOO : One of the first song I've ever written. It was my wife's favorite. How many people waste their time worrying about the things to come?....
- FEDE : acoustic 6 strings, electric and slide guitars, 6 strings banjo, bass, lead vocals.
- BEO : mandolin.
- MARIO : piano.
- TAMTAM : drums.

FEELIN' ALIVE : May 8th, 1989, 3 a.m. . That night I fell in love with a beautiful brown haired, dark eyed girl....When I went back home I started writing down what I was feeling....After I finished it I was so tired that I fell asleep, with head on my arms, on my living-room's table. When I woke up at the first light of dawn, the print of my right hand was impressed on it....The following October I married that girl....It's my wife's song....
- FEDE : all guitars, bass, drum programming, lead vocals.

FLASHES ON THE WATER : Spring 1991. I had been travelling all night long to Switzerland on a train. At dawn the train was driving along the shore of Zurich lake and sunbeams' reflexes on the water woke me....The first thing I noticed was an old big house that was aloof from other buildings. So I tried to imagine who could have dwelled in that and a strange story came out of my thoughts....I had just a pen but no paper, so when I stood off the train in Zurich I immediately looked for a bar-room....I started to write it on the back of a famous Swiss beer's saucer....Mario's piano track make it really happen....
- FEDE : all guitars, bass, drum programming, lead vocals.
- MARIO : piano.
- RAFFY : background vocals.

GOD'S SULTRY SUMMER : The only recorded song written by Davide, but we mean many more will follow it....
- FEDE : all guitars, 6 strings banjo, bass, drum programming, background vocals.
- DAVIDE : lead and background vocals.
- ALE : piano.

GROWIN' THE FEAR : Max played me this song for the first time in the summer of 1990. I just changed some words and rewrote the chords. His powerful background vocals at the end of the song are really amazing....
- FEDE : all guitars, bass, drum programming, lead vocals.
- MAX : background vocals.
- LU "THE VET" : background vocals.

HIT THE CITY : Max and I were joking with instruments in my room....A, G, F, G....Max started hitting his bongos with a frenetic rhythm but there were no words so I began to sing some ", pa, pa, pa....". I wrote about some young country men that have a trip to the city for the first time in their lives and that riff sounded so simple that fit perfectly to the meaning of the song. Some months later, Beo was listening to a sample of that stuff and he told me that the ", pa, pa, pa...." riff was exactly alike a Mama's & Papa's song but he couldn't remember the title. If hearing the real audio sample someone can recognize it, please let me know. If it really sounds the same I excuse me a lot with Mama's & Papa's and I'll provide immediately to remove it.
- FEDE : acoustic rhythm and electric lead guitars, lead and background vocals.
- BEO : lead guitar.
- MARIO : organ.
- ROBY B. : bass
- TAMTAM : drum programming.
- RAFFY : background vocals.

TOO SOON : Abdul Sattar was a friend of mine. He was the owner of a bar-room where I used to have a good beer after stopped working. We spent many evenings together talking about everything. He was one of the most sensitive and intelligent men I've ever known. One night he told me: "Fede, will you remember me in your CD?". None of us could ever imagine that he would have heard this song from Heaven....
- FEDE : all guitars, bass, drum programming, harp, lead vocals.
- DAVIDE : background vocals.
- ALE : piano.

WALKIN' IN THE SUN : Some people think this is the best song I've ever written....Actually, I have a particular feeling with it....Let me know....Tamtam gave his best on it....
- FEDE : acoustic guitar, bass, lead and background vocals.
- BEO : electric guitar.
- TAMTAM : percussions.
- RAFFY : background vocals.
- ROBY F. : harp.

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Staff Notation